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Becoming a successful import export cargo agent needs preparation and certain skills

Becoming a successful import export cargo agent needs preparation and certain skills

An import or export cargo agent has a very responsible job of ensuring that the import or export takes place successfully without any hassle. These are specialists in the area and corporates or individuals wishing to send or bring good cross border avail their services so that they don’t have to waste time and energy on this process.

These agents are well researched and well-connected in their area of expertise. There is no formal education required but lot of practical knowledge and connections on ground. First of all agents need to decide which all products and which all countries they want to cover. Such is the diverse regulations of different countries that it is not possible to master all at once. After having proper knowledge the cargo agent might need to travel to those geographies and try to build contacts with local transport companies, insurance companies, custom people etc. This is for both import and export agents as in both cases, it is inevitable that the agent has to deal with documentation, customs, freight, transportation etc. as door to door delivery of goods is his responsibility. An import export cargo agent needs to be very well organised as proper coordination between different parties in proper time frame is important e.g. if the inspection of goods is not done on time and causes delay, there could be losses as transport is waiting across the border etc. Interpersonal skills and ability to work under stressful conditions are also necessary qualities as it could be tough dealing with relevant officials at the port of entry or export.

Once an agent gains experience in the field, it becomes easier to operate as they start understanding situations and plan accordingly. There could be teething problems like in any profession but that shouldn’t scare away potential cargo agents.

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